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Young Entrepreneurs. Inspiring and helping young minds create their future early with us.

We know how it feels to be overshadowed by everyone, in need to make money, well, that's exactly why we're here. To guide you through starting a business, as a child, a young entrepreneur while learning the core thing you need, from us, the experts.

Look, we want to help you make as much money as possible, but we need some sort of income too, our prices are extremely cheap and charged per 6 months. You can choose exactly what you need assistance with, and it barely costs more than your pocket money. We are also providing a free taster session, where we go over the basics and help you start your own, Amazon.

We've based our business revolving around a bunch of 13-year-old entrepreneurs. We can provide you with startup services such as SEO (getting your business found on google), website development, logo development, product design, product manufacturing, PR, finance, startup legal work. Which would usually cost you 40 times more, and take you around 500 hours to complete yourself. 

Our newest Young entrepreneur podcast has just released, go listen out, hope you enjoy.

Check out this Young Entrepreneur Quiz that is 100% percent accurate, check out your chances of becoming one here.

Onshape tutorials, Perfect for aspiring product designers

Tutorial Number 1

The perfect intro for any Onshape beginner out there, from sketches to extruding, as well as a special advanced trick at the end.

Recommended task: Start to create and extrude any shape, and make a niche in it, try to add the fillet or chamfer button to it too. Good luck!

Onshape Tutorial 2

This is where it gets a little trickier, a quick look into the revolve tool, should be quite easy if you've watched the first tutorial. 

Recommended task: try to revolve anything you want perfectly, test it our and experiment. Good luck!

if you have any possible queries feel free to email gradientdesigns01@gmail.com, and we will reply as soon as possible. If you already run your own business, we would love to interview you for latter podcasts.