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The Ezyhook

The new revolutionary travel accessory

The Ezyhook is a revolutionary design, made specifically, to drag and carry your suitcase around the airport, so you can relax and actually enjoy your time at the airport. It can also be used to carry and drag a cricket bag over long distances. 

The Ezyhook can carry bags and many other things up to the weight of 25 Kg, 

and you won't ever need to worry about your suitcase hitting your heels, you can just loosen its grip around the backpack. 

If I buy an Ezyhook will it increase the weight on my back?

Yes, it will, but only by 300 grams, and the weight of the suitcase is transferred to the Ezyhook and not your back, you can also relieve your back by attaching the Ezyhook to the top of your suitcase.

To buy an Ezyhook, go to our online shop, or contact us at admin@gradientdesigns.co.uk 

It is very simple to use and set up. First, you lay it on the bottom of the bag, take one strap and wrap it through and around the backpack and clip it on the other side, for the vertical strap, wrap it vertically around the backpack and clip it round. It's as simple as that, and for a 20-second delay, you can save so much more.