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Fit our hooks on your bag is a service where we specially engineer and ft our hooks on to your bag, so you can roam around the airport with your suitcase attached to your backpack, effortlessly, efficiently and easily. This is the best way to keep 

Fit our hooks on your bag

The travel accessories of the future, so you can stay cozy with your bag, while still using it to its full extent.

It works very simply, firstly you ship your backpack to us, when we get it, we immediately get to work implanting our hooks sternly on to the bottom of your bag, after a maximum 5 days we will ship it straight back to you. Straight after you receive your backpack back you can get it to use. 

Do I have to pay for shipping both ways?

No, you will only pay for shipping from you to us, don't worry about organizing anything, you will only have to stick a sticker on your package. We will pay for the return shipping, so you can sit back and relax.

It very easy to buy from us, just go to our online shop or contact us at admin@gradientdesigns.co.uk or 07824630702.

if you are in a hurry we can use premium shipping, if you directly contact as admin@gradientdesigns.co.uk we can that sorted very quickly.  

How can we trust you?

There is no way you can fully trust us, but we will do our best to get your backpack back to you a smoothly as possible, and damage done will be recompensated for immediately.